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The Creative Behind the Lens

My story starts with a call for adventure. Growing up in Bozeman, Montana, surrounded by natural beauty, I’ve always had a curiosity for people, places and everyday moments.

As your photographer, I keep a close eye for the rich memories you can hold onto for years to come. The memories that serve as a light during the slow days and the “remember when...” moments. Because it’s chapters like these that are meant to be re-read and recounted over and over again.

Back to that call for adventure except this time, it’s yours. Let’s make this love-filled chapter one you’ll never forget.

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How it All Started

Photography and storytelling always played a role throughout my life, from the first camera my Dad gave me before a family trip to Europe to snapping extracurriculars for my high school ministry and local fundraising initiatives. Still, it wasn't until the past few years that this passion grew into a career rooted in purpose.

I was always captivated by the power of storytelling and how photos enhanced that experience. I held onto this belief in 2020 when my wedding plans changed, resulting in a whirlwind road trip to Montana to say our vows in my parent's backyard. Being able to look back on those moments I held so dear reiterated my purpose in documentary photography and bringing it to others, too.


Guiding you to uncover your story through true-to-you imagery.

I’ve been told I have this ability to make you feel as if we’ve been longtime friends upon our first encounter. This warmth and openness is something I strive to bring into each and every session. Because I believe this is the fun part. The part where we get to see what can come to life from our time together. You’ll quickly find that I tend to create an environment where you feel at ease to be your truest selves.

That’s when I believe the real beauty of your love story begins to unfold. For me, photography is about honoring the love, connection, and promise to one another. And capturing these fleeting moments—whether it's how your hands interlock or the glimmer in your eyes as you steal a quiet moment together—are what make life so beautiful. 


My Guiding Mission

Where My Heart Lies

I aim to bring a balanced and artistic approach to of-the-moment wedding photography for couples to experience their day just as they remember it.

In the spirit of fostering a wholehearted and personable partnership, you can find me right by your side, listening intently, capturing fervently, and cheering you on, always.



What Moves Me

Shadow Play
Intentional Details
Unscripted Moments
Layered Stories

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Let’s capture your unfiltered, original love.

Ready to raise a glass?

Let’s work together to transform moments of life and love into memories cherished for years to come.

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