Hey, I’m Darby! 

The first few photos I ever took were probably at one of my gymnastics competitions or on a family vacation. From a young age I was captivated by the power of storytelling and how photos enhanced that experience. 

Original plans for my own wedding were changed due to 2020. Ultimately my husband and I did a whirlwind road trip to Montana to say our vows in my parents' backyard. Through photos, I realized moments I held so dear on that day could be looked back upon forever. It was then that my passion for documentary photography clicked.

Now, I have the best job ever - creating and capturing tangible memories for newlyweds across the country. 

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Photos are moments captured in time. True moments can't be staged or posed - they can't be perfectly recreated or meticulously designed for an Instagram feed.

Photography is meant to capture every moment with sincerity.

You won't find any overly-posed, artificially crafted photos on my SD card. I much prefer the genuine, the raw - authentic images that share the real story.

You too? Let's chat.

My heart is to celebrate the moments big and small - but even more, to celebrate the humans behind each moment. We all have stories and experiences that are so unique to us! The best part of my job is transforming those stories and experiences and stories into tangible images.

Whether I am capturing your proposal, exchange of vows, or adventure to a new spot, I am there to celebrate you and your person. Let's get images that share your story and the season of life you are in. That way, when the inevitable nostalgia hits, you have photos to take you back.

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Remember the big moments and every one in between -

I take photos that inspire you to reminisce for years to come - dreamy, nostalgic memories that you get to relive forever.