Reminiscing on the old days! From my time in college to where I’m moving next, read below for a quick recap of these past five years.

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Sometimes I feel like explaining my life is one of those maps with a bunch of string on it (ya know what I mean?!) My life has been an adventure from the start. I grew up in Montana, doing competitive gymnastics for 11 years, traveling with my family, and spending my free time finding any new activity I could get my hands on.

Read on to see a recap of the past five or so years of my life!

My college days consisted of attending The University of Iowa (where my Dad used to play football) and pouring myself into student orgs. I led Young Life, was in a sorority, and volunteered for an organization called Dance Marathon. Some of my favorite memories from college include running the Chicago Marathon three times to raise money for pediatric oncology patients, leading Young Life and finding unique ways to share the Gospel with high schoolers (peep the paint picture) and visiting one of the biggest attractions in Iowa City, the World’s Largest Wooden Nickel.

Now, if I am sharing about my life – of COURSE I’ve gotta have a section devoted to my sweet husband, Jack. He was a huge part of me taking the leap into starting this business and he makes everyday better than the next. We met in the mountains of North Carolina, where his sister (Hey, Hayden!) introduced us. At the end of the summer, Jack drove from North Carolina to Illinois to take me on our first date, and we started dating that day! (Crazy, I know.) We did long distance from Texas to Iowa the last year of school, and upon graduating, we both found ourselves in Raleigh, North Carolina. Me to live with my best friend since grade school, and him to become part of the Raleigh Fellows Program. He proposed fall of that year and we began wedding planning!!

Due to 2020 being 2020 – we ended up postponing our wedding and eloping in my parents’ backyard in Montana. Our wedding day was far from what we had imagined, but felt perfect in every way. (Even though we had a sparkler exit planned at noon?!) Both our immediate families witnessed us exchange our vows on the property that I grew up on. In the midst of a year that was so unsteady – I was so happy to have found my rock.

After our 2020 wedding, we moved to Athens, Georgia, where Jack started his Master’s Degree in Horticulture, and I pursued wedding photography full time. We’ve lived in Athens for almost two years now, and our next adventure is about to begin! Jack has accepted an offer to start his PhD at North Carolina State University – so we are moving to Raleigh! As I look forward to this next season of life, I can’t help but reminisce on where I’ve been, but ultimately am so excited to see what’s next.

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